Students of the UNIL QB program and the EPFL EDCB program are encouraged to participate in the following courses

  • Reviews in Computational Biology (mandatory, organized by C. Dessimoz)
  • Reasoning and Logic in Experimental and Computational Biology (recommended, organized by A. Reymond)
  • Basic Biology for Non-Biologists (optional, organized by S. Bergmann)
  • Bioinformatic algorithms (C. Dessimoz)
  • Advanced Python programming (N. Salamin)
  • Industrial Bioinformatics (I. Xenarios)
  • Introduction to Matlab programming (S. Pelet)
  • Biological Modeling : Why and How (S. Mitri)
  • Computational Cancer Genomics (G. Ciriello)
  • Phylogeny and Comparative Methods (N. Salamin)
  • Advanced Quantitative Genetics (M. Robinson)
  • Introduction to Coalescent Theory and its Applications (A.S. Malaspinas)
  • Better coding practices (SIB)
  • Statistical methods for big data in life sciences and health (SIB)
  • Docker for reproducible computational research (SIB)
  • Machine Learning applied to Systems Biology (SIB)
  • High Performance Computing for genomic applications (SIB)
  • Advanced Programming with R (CUSO)

For more details, consult the UNIL course catalogue

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